Provide high class education , Employable education and self sustainable education. Creating skilled and employable manpower.

Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Big Data

Help industries in Bigdata, IOT, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics.

Product Developement

Develope Products Like mywatercan, mykrafts, hellotemp.

Business  and Technology Consultancy

Consultancy to the required clients for the Technology and Business Solutions.


Mr. Priyadarshi Sadangi

 B.Tech and PGDBM degree and more than 12 years of experience from corporate. He is Leading our strategy Team..


Ms. Sanghamitra 

Masters in Business management, and masters in psychology, with an avid interest in making our manpower the best, productive and satisfied. She is making our workplace the most productive and the happiest.

Our Clients


Phone: +91-8007755770    
No - 74, 11 Main, 14 Cross
HSR Lay out, Bangalore - 102 , Karnataka, India

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